Supply Chain

Supply Chain Design Process
Riordan Manufacturing Inc., (Riordan), a global manufacturer of plastic products.   Founded by Dr. Michael Riordan in 1991, its original focal point was on licensing its existing patents, research, and development in the industry.   Currently after years of expansion the company has grown to become a Fortune 1000 company with 550 employees with projected annual revenues in excess of $46 million.   Riordan’s products include plastic beverage containers, fan parts, custom plastic parts, and plastic fan parts produced at its facilities in Hangzhou, China.   Major customers include beverage makers and bottlers, Department of Defense, aircraft manufacturers, automotive parts manufacturers, and appliance manufacturers.
Manufacturing Strategy
Based on inventory management and control at Riordan Manufacturing, it seems that Riordan utilizes the level strategy to ensure consistency in operations and manufacturing and delivery of its products. As it states on the Riordan Manufacturing intranet, orders are place by the sales department and orders are collected from the inventory (University of Phoenix, 2013). Riordan Manufacturing determines its budget based on forecasting and has a strong two year strategic goal of reaching a $50 million revenue mark in (University of Phoenix, 2013). In order to reach this goal, Riordan plans to utilize its staff and front line managers. Riordan Manufacturing will benefit from utilizing the level strategy. By having inventory on demand and an aggressive sales approach with a full staff, Riordan will be able to meet its customer’s needs, setting them apart from any competition.

Process Flow Diagram
In reviewing Riordan’s current supply chain process flow each facility has its own unique internal process.   The general process flow for Riordan’s supply chain management process is depicted below in Diagram 1 below.

Performance Metrics
According to Jacobs & Chase (2011), “A major aspect of planning is...