Running head: A Leader’s Conflict

                                                  A Leader’s Conflict Strategy


A project team leader is experiencing a huge problem from two of his team members who are very important for his project. The project which is due in 30 days is very important to the leader because he’s expecting a bonus and a promotion if the project goes well.   The members of this team are; a 43 year old African American (John), a 51 year old Chinese (Julie), a 27 year old Korean (Jinsoo), a 37 year old Iranian (Shahid), a 30 year old Indian (Harpreet) and a 33 year old Irish (Tom).   Shahid and Herbert who have all the skills and experience to work on this project are not getting along and it’s affecting the rest of the team; causing distraction and setting the project off schedule.

Managing the Multicultural Group
Most multicultural teams are very productive because of the diversity among the team members. According to Adler (2008) the most productive multicultural teams learn to use their diversity when it can enhance performance and minimize the impact of diversity when it threatens to diminish performance (pg 144). Research has proven that multicultural diversity teams will most definitely experience differences. According to Adler (2008) teams should not ignore or minimize cultural differences because many barriers to intercultural communication are due to ignorance of cultural differences rather than a rejection of those differences. Teams should not forget to enhance communication by first recognizing and then understanding and respecting cross cultural differences (pg 145)
Cultural diversity can also be negative and positive to a team. Diverse multicultural teams are at an advantage because the team members get to explore and experience other cultures that might be beneficial to the team. The team also gets to know and understand the personality traits of another culture that might be...