Leadership & Management
Leadership and management are distinctive in their meaning. Leaders influence people into reaching goals that seem impossible to attain (Jex & Britt, 2008). Leaders also must have someone to lead; these individuals are known as followers. Managers are people who have been assigned a task by the organization and have vested power by the company to accomplish set task. The managers do possess leadership qualities, and on certain occasions they are called upon to lead the group.  
The leadership and management group work together to build the Baderman Island Resort into a thriving business. The Boardman Management Group (BMG) was founded in 1994, and that date forward has been dedicated to quality experiences for visiting guests. The management group has been empowering the staff to go above and beyond the call of duty when dealing with customer service. The group instills in the employees to use random acts of kindness to open doors to the heart of customers which will forever be available (Apollo Group, Inc, 2010).
One of the visions of Baderman Island Resorts is to develop more of the land. The plan has already been established by leadership to add another golf course, better tennis facility, an enlarged beach area, and have specific area for fishing and SCUBA diving. This plan would not be possible without the management team of BMG (Apollo Group, Inc, 2010). The management team takes the vision of the leaders and turns their vision into a reality. The team of managers helps develop a time schedule, contracts, manpower, community cooperation, and alternative plans in case of emergency.
Management provide the guidance used on the island to build customer base, help with employee retention and recruitment, and apply the strategies of the organization. The leaders of the management team make sure the day-to-day operation of the company run professionally. Every aspect of the company has to be thoroughly screened by the managers for...