Running Head:   Leadership Style






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    Leadership is defined as a social influence process in which the leader seeks the voluntary participation of subordinates in an effort to reach organizational goals (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2009).   Some people think that the ability to lead others is a trait that your born with.   Others think that through training and experience great leadership can be possessed.   I believe it is a combination of both.   There are certain traits that natural leaders have like emotional intelligence, determination, self-confidence, honesty and integrity.   Those are traits that determine the difference between leaders and followers.   I believe there is one trait that is extremely important and that is extraversion.   People who are high on this trait are often described as being outgoing and talkative, while those low in this trait are described as quiet and reserved.   It is a lot tougher to be a strong leader in a retail environment by being shy and quiet.
    From the time I graduated college to my current employment situation I have developed an extroverted personality.   I learned to develop this style because being shy and quiet was not going to work in the business world.   This has led me to the Leader-Member Exchange Model of Leadership.   Being quite different from most other styles of leadership management, the LMX model has helped me discover that my employees have successful traits in themselves.   For close to thirteen years I have hired at least 50 to 70 seasonal employees a year.   Getting to know them and bringing out there personalities has been truly amazing.   When they come back to visit or ask for a reference is when I know I have been successful.   I like to develop a one...