Task 1:

Describe your current role, you setting, and the curriculum framework/ guidance used in your setting

My name is Veronica Ampaw, I am a qualified child minder, currently working with 6 children, between the ages of five months (5) to seven years (7), with a member of staff (who works thrice a week) and an intern who works once a week. I’m a mother of five (5) children and a former Deputy Manager in a nursery which I resigned three months ago to become a full time early year practitioner. I also do after school club.

After working in the nursery for over seventeen (17) years and having gained all the relevant experience coupled with my qualification in the early years: developing practice from the Open University, I decided it was about time I moved on to start my own business in child minding. My desire to become a self-employed child minder was fuelled by the fact that I would like to introduce to early years foundation stage principles to my Ghana currently as it seems like only Montessori is recognised in Ghana.


I have chosen to give myself a rating of two; (on the scale of 1-5) this is because I would like to improve my interaction with my sphere of influence particularly the parents. I would also like to develop a good relationship with the parents to encourage them to see me as approachable and professional in carrying out my duties of care for their children. Furthermore I would also like to build a good critical stress management structure to deal with issues arising from the heath care and day-to-day well-being of the children hence developing a two way feedback system will be very important to update parents and share information from my observation of their children. I would also like to have knowledge of decision making, problem solving and critical thinking. McCall and lawler (2000) who tells us that: leadership must hold some idea of the future, the distant horizon and full game plan and they need the capacity...