In this paper the author will discuss about the qualification that applies to a leadership that has vision, passion, enthusiasm, and most important energy. This leadership has people who not only work but inspires them as well. This leadership brings people together to form a valuable plan to put into action. The plans comes from leaders who have a visually, and foresee his ideas. I will write my leadership style on the Transformational leadership. I will also speak about Dr. Martin Luther King and how he was successful, and lead his followers. I will also speak about what traits Dr. King has as a leader and what I need to become a leader.
Transformational leadership can revolutionary with many changes in any organization. Transformational has the appeal to many individuals, more so than self. In this leadership it encourages everyone to become involve and become a leader. Transformational also inspires the followers to do many exceptional plans in the group. The groups are so committed they put hard long hours into their work. This leadership can be used many ways, and by many, I mean nurses, health care organization, health centers, and in home care.
Transformational leadership begins with a vision, a plan for the future. When he starts out with a vision, he sees what the future holds for him and his team. When the plan comes together, he puts a person in charge. When actions of the vision are in place, you take action for the team. This plan in action begins with a leader. The second step is for the leader to make his vision come alive to people. This step requires time and energy. A Transformational leader will take any opportunities to convince people to come aboard their team, and seek many to follow them with his knowledge. They have visions so direct and clear, understand there may be failures that may happen in the process, but are ensure progress will be made. The biggest action is to be up front with their team. They will always stand up to be counted...