Law Learnin Team Reflection

In life, an individual or a business will face problems of a legal nature. In modern society one’s interests will always be in conflict with those of other people, organizations, and state. Because we are all regulated by law, there is always a situation when the law works contrary to our interests. Most victims, because they lack experience in legal issues, do not know the correct way to behave under such circumstances. However, in such situations, they need professional advice for protection and to prevent themselves from violating the law. In this paper, Team B evaluates the objectives of Week Two concerning the advantages and benefits of taking counsel to aid a victim in deciding whether to settle or pursue litigation. The paper also explains at what point it might be beneficial for a victim to obtain counsel.
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Cost-benefit analysis will enable counsel to help their client determine if it would be more cost effective to pursue further litigation. Conducting this analysis will also inform the client of potential costs and outcomes--specifically, what their probability is of winning. They will explain all the costs for lawyers' fees and litigation. The amount of money that they may win or lose will be discussed. This amount may include time lost by managers and other personnel involved in the case as well as psychological costs associated with a lawsuit. Other aspects are the effects on relationships between the parties involved in the suit and their reputation. Counsel will discuss other factors that are case specific and will also explain that the legal system is very unpredictable and winning a suit is not guaranteed.  
It would be vital to have counsel available from the beginning of a potential suit so they can guide and direct the victim through the appropriate procedural issues.
They would be available in the discovery phase, which would help them answer questions in the cost-benefit analysis (Cheeseman, 2010). Legal personnel...