Team Reflection

Team Reflection
Team B
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Ralph Bates

Team Reflection
The purpose of a call center is to provide superior customer service to our clients and to resolve individual customer requests via telephone. The management team has outlined the following control measures to evaluate employee performance.   Statistical reports are easy to visualize, and effective for showing employee relationships (Robbins & Coulter, 2013). This type of report gives management something tangible to examine when evaluating employee performance.   A statistical report is provides information at a glance, and is a key tool for management to evaluate their employee’s performance.   This report makes possible comparison of employee performance against established organizational performance measures. This measurement occurs without any interruptions of the employee’s normal workday; therefore, this control measure does not cause interruptions in daily production. After management has had the opportunity to analyze the statistical report, they can call the employees in and discuss the detail of the report.  
Additional control measure can be the monitoring of calls to assess the level of service provided by the employees.   This industry requires the agents provide certain terms to customers, monitoring and recording calls safeguards the company from litigation. This control measure ensures the agents are “on script”, using rebuttals correctly, and representing the promotion accurately. This also settles any disputes as to call content.
Training is also an important component of controlling the work performance of employees.   The employees must have a detailed training program, to educate them on customer care, system operation, rules, and procedures.   Without training, an employee will not perform to customer or management expectations. Training should include periodic formalized training and daily training, as agents take calls. Formalized training could...