Week 4 Learning Team Reflection

Learning Team Reflection Paper Week 6
September 27, 2011
Mary Sanders

Learning Team Reflection Paper Week 5
    As a team we were asked to discuss and reflect on the topics for week five. The topics included different methodologies for adapting different types of businesses to changing markets, the impact of economics on business, and the role of human resource management in achieving business goals. Our combined reflections on these topics are below.
    The topics for week five are in close alignment with each other. The concept on different methodologies on how businesses adapt to changing and emerging markets makes it easier to understand the reasons an organization goes through restructuring to increase their effectiveness as a company and achieve their goals.
    The role of human resource management is also very critical in achieving business goals. It was mentioned in class how the implementation of “fear” among subordinates can work over a short period of time; some cultures are hesitant and can lead to shorter employee morale. Fayol’s Principles of Organization outlines different types of business division or authority in an organization. Few examples are the division of labor, hierarchy of authority, decentralizations, and centralization (Nickels, McHugh, & McHugh, 2010). In the military, organization has always been authoritarian, which means one reports to a “chain of command” and receives orders from the frontline supervisor. This type of organization is easy to implement because it paves way for a clearer communication and an orderly fashion; however, there is less involvement.
    The impact of economics is also very critical to the financial health of the organization. When a country is in recession the companies are affected locally and globally. According to the Keynesian theory, which was also discussed in class, a government that increases their spending for the building of new infrastructure, roads, schools, and others can...