Language Essay Plan

Define Language:
• A highly complex communication system that all normal developing individuals acquire, which is learnt within a social context. Language is constantly changing and evolving and is infinite in capacity. ( language is used to communicate thoughts, ideas, goals and intentions, it is used for this purpose within social environments where new behaviours and practices are learnt, its constantly changes as new words are formed or used to portray similar or slightly different meanings, it also evolves as people use slang or codes to communicate meanings to each other).
• Neural basis of language

• First and early theories of Language/psychologists and approaches/perspectives
• Aristotle-language is a tool to communicate thoughts
• Watson- Speech   is thought
• Piaget ( 1953)- Thought as a perquisite to language
• Vygotsky ( 1962) Language and though develop independently
• Chomsky –Language is a universal innate mechanism/ role of performance and competence
• Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis (1929) -Language can have some small effect on thought.
• Bates and MacWhinney (1989), children's language is facilitated by the presence of correlated cues in the input- prosodic and phonological cues in combination with semantic context.

• More recent and current theories of language/ theorists/Approaches which state language is innate/ Studies and Evidence.
Psycholinguists, Behaviourists, Child Language Acquisition, Neuropsychology
Neuroimaging, Computer models, Animal Studies, evolutionary and biological perspectives.
• Points that show Language is innate- syntax, environment, acquisition of abstract information, genetic disorder, issues with acquiring language, children making errors, innate language perception, language experience and phonological processing, early child language not very productive and quite conservative.
• children learning syntactic categories- Pinker ( 1984,1989), Semantic...