Cyp Core 3.1 2.2

CYP CORE 3.1 Understand child and young person development
2.2 Explain how children and young people’s development is influenced by a range of external factors
Poverty and deprivation
It has been proved that children from poor families and those that live in deprived areas tend to not do as well as those from more affluent homes and areas. Children may feel isolated and have low esteem and confidence especially as they grow older and notice they cannot have the same clothes and other things their friends have.
Family environment and background
There are many things in families which can affect a child. They can include parents divorcing/separating then parents losing jobs, bereavements, illness etc. It also includes religion/culture and parenting style. If a child has a shy parent they are more likely to be as well.
Looked after/care status
Children can sometimes be moved around regularly and this can affect ether development. They may have separation and attachment issues which may mean they might not want to go to school.Socially they may find it difficult to make friends, they may suffer academically from missing school on a regular basis and they may be quite fragile and sometimes instable.
Personal Choices
As children grow into teenagers they have more freedom to make their own choices i.e. whether to smoke, take drugs, have sex, these choices can all affect their development, especially if they choose to take drugs, Cannabis can make young people paranoid, they may not always use protection which may result in unplanned pregnancies.
Most education is received in school, but young people also learn at home i.e. by attending groups i.e. scouts, guides and sea scouts. Good education stimulates children’s cognitive development allowing them to learn to read and write, problem solve and reason. Children who attend good schools also have access to other possibilities such as sports/swimming. Children who enjoy their education will develop...