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Lessons that I learned in my first military assignment

Going to regular unit and being members of that unit is challenge for every young officer. School experiences vary from reality on the field although my Military Academy did well job of preparing me as officer for the first command. My first assignment as platoon leader was not only place for learning but also the best place to proving my leadership skills. Every successful military leader has had military mentor, especially during the first military assignment. The first I call was NCO-sergeant first class Batinic Cedomir, sixteen years military career. I learned all essential military lessons by him that influence on my entire military career. Therefore in my essay I will discuss about three very important lessons that I learn in my first military assignment.

The first one is respect that means being respectful to your seniors, your peers, subordinates and army at all. Respect is treat people as they should be threaten.   Actually, soldiers come to army from all geographical region, socioeconomic background and ethic, religion, groups within the country. My primary goal as platoon leader was to teach them that the army doesn’t tolerate discrimination and any unfair treatment based upon religious, national origin or gender. All people posses worth of human beings.

The second lesson was building the teamwork. It requires trust in leadership and confidence in one to another. It was necessary to teach my soldiers to depend one on another, work well under pressure and to build sense of platoon.   Everything what you do should be part of the group.   During the basic training, the soldiers have to accept the importance of teamwork, especially when the pressure is on. However, some people can’t get comfortable with the fact that should relay on another for platoon success. That kind of people doesn’t belong in the units or army at all.
In additional, the third lesson which I learned in my first assignment is...