Different Assessments Avaliable

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Assignment Task 3:'Assignment and Record Keeping'
Part A: State the different assessment methods available and explain the ones you would use for your subject area, including reference to initial assessment.

Harlen(1994), suggested that assessment in education takes place in a wide variety of context and for many different purpose, suggests that ,”A comprehensive definition of assessment includes the processes of gathering, interpreting, recording and use of information about pupil's response to an educational task”(1994:11). Assessment is carried out to know if students are able to remember what they have   learnt. This can take place at any time   and place, but the main point for which will are assessing remain the same no matter where or who is assessing. Assessment are perform to know if learning is taking place, achieving the desired objectives for the teacher , government , individuals and the parents and organisation.
The different assessment methods available are has follows:
Initial Assessment: This usually start before student begins a course/topic/qualification in order to be sure they are on the right track. To determine the learner's starting point for the particular topic. For example, If am teaching Physical Education it will be useful for me to know if my learners have the idea what sport and fitness is all about or seen people taking part in physical activities or if they have in one way or the other taken part in any form of physical activities. Initial assessment help to asses the literacy and numeracy skill level of the students. It help me to place students on the right course, because most courses/qualifications have entry requirements and if I place them on the wrong course they will be unable to achieve the desire learning outcome. Initial assessment provide information needed to plan individual's learning and improve their chance of learning effectively.
Diagnostic Assessment: Determine   the level pupil...