Kudler Week 2

Environmental Scan Kudler Fine Foods

University of Phoenix

Kudler Fine Foods has made their mark thus far with providing gourmet foods in a one stop shop location. In a matter of five years, Kathy Kudler opened three stores in California. Kudler Fine Foods offers baked goods, meats, seafood’s, produce, cheese, dairy products, and wines. To be successful in this market, Kudler must focus on their internal and external environment. The proper sales plan in place will be beneficial for the organization. Planning is key for any organization, Kudler has three stores, and they must evaluate in which they are and in which they intend to be in the near future.
The industry has grown tremendously for organic foods. Specialty stores like Kudler are faced with other specialty stores that have dominated the market and also the Internet stores. Regardless of any income bracket, everyone is looking to purchase goods that would cause a healthier lifestyle, thus causing long fruitful lives especially for those individuals that have high incomes; money is no object. To meet financial goals Kudler must face the external environment and come up with a strategic plan. Price is not the primary differentiating factor for Kudler consumers; these consumers are focused on quality and finding specialized items (Kudler, 2007).
Using the Internet, Kudler can promote their website heavily and use advertising forums like Face book that always stream in advertisement. Kudler can conduct research and view their competitor’s website for new products and to compare prices. Keeping a close eye on their competitors, will allow to make the necessary adjustments to their prices, products, and special offerings.

An incentive program that would provide customers with discounts would be an ideal option but every grocery store is offering that. Kudler can instead collaborate with a reward points program and customer will be able to redeem points for electronic, hotels, and airfare. Other...