Tomarkio Burden

Kudler Fine Foods Case Analysis

MGT 521

Arthur Willner














Kudler Fine Foods is a premier gourmet grocery store that has been in business for a while now and with the first location, being a success Kathy the storeowner is in the process of expanding her business. She has been facing several issues with making the process a complete success. In this paper I will define the problems and suggest actions that might have remedy these problems and consider which one problems’ action is the best solution for Kudler Fine Foods.

      What I consider one of the main problems at Kudler Fine Foods is that Kathy's’ current approach to management is being the only manager with the most important task. Along with this problem, other problems follow such as the high payrolls of the specialty positions that can be hard to find replacements. In addition, the small management team with many responsibilities and the Delmar location that is not doing so well. Kathy is also expanding her business to fast and in return causing her to have high expenses and low profits (University of Phoenix, 2003, pp. 1-23).

Kudler Fine Foods problem lies in Kathy being the only person able to order replacement inventory or deal with major business issues. This keeps her from expanding into other areas that could be more profitable than the areas that she already chosen. Currently she travels from store to store to control, monitor, finalize the weekly inventory list, and order products. With Kathy being the only person over the ordering this takes time away from her interacting with customers because she's spending all of her time in the back doing back office work as well as in the stores running the cash register, and stocking shelves. With all the tasks and responsibility, which Kathy has, puts a greater risk on to her health (University of...