Kudler Foods

Kudler Fine Foods
    Kudler Fine Foods offers bakery, pastry, fresh produce, fresh meat, seafood, condiments, packaged foods, cheese, and specialty dairy products (Apollo Group, 2011). As a potential customer looking at Kudler’s website, a customer would not be impressed with its marketing. The site did not show the customer each product it had to offer, and can produce a downside for potential sales. Location is an issue because of limited amount of available locations, which is strictly based in California. Marketing research should be applied in locating more cities available for Kudler Find Foods in each state and adding new features to its website. Profits need to rise to compete with competitors in the same industry.
    Proper advertising is a large key in acquiring the correct target market, and a new audience or potential customers. Kudler is experimenting with catering, yet this information is not on the website. More research is required to ensure each potential customer has the availability of this service. If the customers do not know about the catering option, the sales for the service will not profit. With any company lie controllable and uncontrollable factors. Controllable factors include product, place, price, and promotion (Hardman, 2009).   [Good use of sources.] Uncontrollable factors are trends or fads in the food and wine industry because consumers are constantly changing his or her mind about products or service. Marketing research should focus on expanding locations, and providing online customers with the ability to purchase products on the website. With Kudler locations primarily in California and no online service the company loses on potential customers and higher profits. The first store opened in 1998, yet the company has more to learn about proper advertising to its customers. If the customers do not know what exact product is available, he or she may not consider shopping at any Kudler Fine Food store. Kudler...