Value Alignment with Kudler Foods

Value Alignment with Kudler Foods
Name withheld
May 2, 2011
Bob Armbrust, B.S., MBA

Value Alignment with Kudler Foods    
According to my Ethics Awareness Inventory, I tend to base my ethical perspective on an individual’s duty or obligations to do what is morally right.   In judging whether a person’s actions are ethical, I look to the intent behind their actions, rather than focus on results.   From my perspective, ethical principles must be: (a) appropriate under any circumstances; (b) respectful of human dignity; and (c) committed to promoting individual freedom and autonomy.   Human beings must never be treated simply as “means” to the accomplishment of some defined “end.”   The end does not justify the means.   In my ethical style, I believe that human beings have intrinsic value and the right to individual respect.   I believe that fostering personal growth takes precedence over achieving efficiency through organizational and social structures that tend to “dehumanize” ethical decision making.   Moral decisions must reflect the free choice of individuals if we ever expect to hold them personally responsible (The Williams Institute, UOPX).
Kudler Fine Foods
Kudler Fine Foods is a small business established in 1998 to fulfill Kathy Kudler’s vision of establishing her own gourmet food store.   Kathy had a passion for gourmet foods but could not find the kind of selection of fine wine, cheese, produce, and meat that she was looking for.   She valued a one-stop shopping experience for people with a variety and reasonable pricing.  
The ethical traits described above align my values with Kudler’s Fine Foods in many ways.   Hardworking and commitment are the basis for the ethical behavior I portray and at times this may cause me to believe that fostering personal growth takes precedence over achieving efficiency like Kathy Kudler does currently.   However,   I believe that the ethical style I emulate is that of mentoring and trusting and...