Kudler Fine Foods

Kudler Fine Foods
MKT/421 Marketing
October 28, 2013
University of Phoenix

Kudler Fine Foods Marketing Research
Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) offers specialty products to people with discriminating tastes. They commit to providing customers with the very best domestic and imported foods by offering the finest selection of fresh bakery items, pastries, produce, meats, seafood, condiments, packaged foods, cheeses, and specialty dairy products. Currently, there is three store fronts in the San Diego metropolitan area. They are looking to continue to grow the business by opening another in Carlsbad, California. They will need to perform a marketing research to be sure they have the appropriate information to make it an effective business decision. There are areas where KFF needs additional market research. They also will need a competitive intelligence and analysis regarding the development of KFF marketing strategy and tactics.
Marketing research is important because it is analyzing itself from the customer’s viewpoint. “This enables a company to formulate a viable marketing plan or measure the success of its existing plan” (Khera, 2007, p. 1). Marketing research will help aid KFF in making the best decision possible for their business. The four P’s of product, place, price, and promotion will need to be analyzed. Products need to meet the needs of the potential and current customers. KFF is considering a fourth store by Sushi Taisho, a Japanese restaurant in Carlsbad, California. More data needs to provide information on when the restaurants’ peaks sales are, what type of customer do they have?   What connection is KFF hoping to achieve with opening near the restaurant? Will KFF play off the restaurant and specialize in a sushi product line or picnic food and supplies because they are close the beach. How will the logistics work? Currently, they can purchase in bulk and distribute the products accordingly. The new location will be more than...