Cis Brief Kudler Fine Foods

Computer Information System Brief
Computer Information System Brief
Kudler Fine Foods
The current system at Kudler does not meet their needs. The registers are the tools used to follow up with customers’ orders and purchases. The registers record all sales transactions, in addition to items sold and its quantities and prices. This helps Kudler in keeping track of their inventory and determines their need while forecasting for future business. Moreover, the registers have a function in which different reports can be run to help Kudler in running their business. However, this system is outdated and there is a considerable opportunity to update it.
Nevertheless, a change in the system would cause some chaos because Kudler’s employees are familiar to the existing system and are comfortable performing the sales transactions on it. Therefore, if management decided to update to a newer system, they should take into consideration the employees’ unfamiliarity of the new system. Thus, the company needs to invest time and money to train the employees on using the new system.
Another opportunity exists in upgrading into a system that works for current and future operations, especially with the planned expansion of the business. Because Kathy is the one in charge, she commutes between the three stores to make sure that business is running smoothly. Kudler Fine Foods lacks an internal network that does not allow Kathy to oversee operations from one location. With the expansion plans, a remote access system is a must for Kathy to access all accounting, inventory, and sales operations from one location.
Concerning the system security and protecting the integrity of information, Kudler does not have any current capabilities of security measures that enables them of protecting their customers’ and own financial and personal information. The existing system has primitive security measures such as passwords and user...