Kudler Fine Foods

Explain how the differences between leadership and management affect networking within Kudler fine foods.
Many factors affect how successful an organization will be, the first being how strong the management team is in Kudler Fine Foods. A manager who has the basic functions of what management is will be very successful for Kudler Foods. Second factor is how well Kudler Foods compares to competition. There are many strong organizations in the world of business especially in the gourmet food industry; one must have a well constructed plan that’s put into place by strong leaders. When there is a manager who can use Porter’s five-force model is one who has Kudler Fine Foods success at hand.
A leader who is competent with the ability to lead and come through on promises made to the consumer. The standards are set by the leaders as well as delegating who will be good candidate for a management position with Kudler Fine Foods. In business management has an important role because their directions come from the leaders of Kudler Fine Foods. Management role at Kudler’s is to group individuals together to make sure that the goals of the leaders are followed and completed. Leadership and management are both needed to have successful business.
Management and leadership are similar in comparison, but have differences that make them stand out. For management they have to ensure that employee’s in other areas of Kudler are communicating with each other effectively. Every Manager should have some sort of leadership experience to become a good manager. Leading, planning, controlling and organizing are some of the duties of a great manager. Management is responsible for all areas within the company, but their main goal is to achieve Kudler’s goals with the resources they are given.
The main differences of leadership and management are that a leader leads and a manager manages. Leaders show employees how to take initiative to do things first, instead of telling them what...