Kudler Change Propsal

Kudler Fine Foods Change Proposal
Kudler Fine Foods has been open for more than ten years and over that time the food industry has changed drastically.   As a manager in the sales department I believe it is time to make changes in the department that will benefit both the company and its customers. After careful evaluation records indicate that sells are low and customer aren’t utilizing the specialty cooking classes offered at the store.   Through this proposal the hope is to gain approval from upper management to modify programs in the sales department as well as provide incentives to employees who are able to promote our products and services to our customers.   Key aspects the proposal will go over will include the need for the change and the importance of the opportunities that come along with it.   In addition to an explanation of the four dimensions of change and how they are applicable to this situation.   It will also provide a summary of how a project management approach would work.   Lastly it will go over what the return on investment will be for the company.  
What is the need for this change and the importance?
The changes that need to be made are based around the fact that the company is having issues will selling certain items as well as a lack of customers signing up for specialty cooking classes.   The goal here is to implement programs that can increase sales in the company that will be clearly communicated from upper management to ensure that all employees are on the same as to what types of changes are needed.   Two areas that should undergo changes would be training of employees to educate them on the specialty items the store offers, the trainings would be made mandatory and should occurring quarterly or whenever new products are introduced to the store.   To encourage full participation with minimal resistances offering bonuses to help motivate employees to drive customers into purchase sale items and participating in the specialty classes...