Knowledge of Installation of Double Roll Crusher

Installation of double roll crusher must be under the guidance of the personnel who is familiar with equipment. Right installation ways of Double roll crusher is as follows:

1. According to play list of double roll crusher , checking whether double roll crusher attachment is complete and damage situation. If double roll crusher have missing parts and damage parts , we should present to manufacturing factory or transportation department.

2. According to workshop condition and factory construction drawing design, decide setup place of double roll crusher

3.Well-prepared standard mat iron before setup of double roll crusher ,which reasonably lay on the foundation and suspend equipment on the mat iron,pack anchor bolts and make level, water two times after checking qualification.

4. After watering twice reach specified intension, correct roll crusher and every parts size, adjust motor place of roll crusher and the unevenness and verticality of the whole equipment

5. Set up magnet on roll crusher belts and clear up iron material of clay material to avoid iron parts dropping in roll crusher to pull roller circle and even accidents occurrence.

6. Main axis of roll crusher belt wheel and roller barrel axis should be parallel which make clay material quite ideally distribute on the whole length of double roll crusher to avoid concentrated wearing and extend roller sets life service of roll crusher, convenient repair , saving labor and time.

7.Make double roll crusher tight and increase first intension.

Our effective rock crusher could be applied to series of construction companies. For instance, the cement factories and building companies would need to use it to accomplish completed tasks. It enable the customers to earn more profits since the energy consumption is reduced. During the researching and manufacturing, Fote Machinery believe that we should connect our designs with the market demand.

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