What About the Application of Double Roll Crusher?

Roll crusher can be divided into: the roller crusher, four roll crusher, which is also called as double roll crusher and teeth roll crusher. This is in accordance with the specifications to divide!The adjustment of the discharging granularity: with a wedge or gasket between the two roller adjusting device, adjusting bolt, the top end of the wedge device when adjusting bolt will wedge pulled up, wedge rolling activity to the top from the fixed wheel, namely two roller clearance greatens, discharging granularity, when the wedge downward, activities under the action of the roller in a compression spring two rounds of smaller clearance, discharge size smaller.Gasket device is through the increase or decrease in the number of gasket to regulate the partical size or thickness, when add gasket two roll gap get bigger, when reduce the gasket two roll gap smaller, discharging grain degree is smaller.

Being broken material via the feeding mouth fall between two rollers, extrusion, finished product material nature.When the weather is good or not broken, the roll but by hydraulic cylinder or the role of the spring automatic, make the roll gap increases, hard or cannot be broken down, so as to protect the machine from being damaged. Relative rotation of the two roll gap to a certain extent, change the gap, can maximum discharging granularity control products.Double roll crusher is the use of a pair of opposite rotating round roll, four roll crusher is to use two opposite rotating round roll crushing operations.

What's more, purpose of double roll crusher is as follows: The roller crusher can not only widely used in cement, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, coal, etc for brittle and ductile materials processing, as well as for ore dressing, chemical, cement, building materials industries in broken and finely various minerals and rocks with medium hardness. Especially in the coal industry, the use of native raw coal fragmentation, as long as after iron,...