Knowing Your Audience and Communication Release Paper

Knowing Your Audience and Communication Release Paper                              
Daniel F. Marmolejo
University of Phoenix
Business Communication and Critical Thinking
August 22, 2011
Mrs. Laurie Brown, MBA

Knowing Your Audience and Communication Release Paper
When communicating information of any sort, it is vital to know who your audience is and ensure you are conveying the message effectively. Dealing with a variety of cultural people in an audience, you will need to take into consideration how you will translate and how the audience will receive the information that is being conveyed. This paper will discuss the protocol on the Chilean Copper Mining accident that occurred on Thursday August 5, 2010. It will be very crucial that the Chilean Copper Mining incident be communicated to the families, employees and community for their state of mind and peace of mind.
On August 5, 2010, the copper mine in the upper northern area of the City of Copiapo, Chile, is where the collapsed cave and 33 miners were trapped according to The New York Times   (2010).   In the chambers that the minors were trapped under, was in a surface below 2, 300 feet. All 33 miners were trapped underground for approximately two months. The Chilean Copper Mining Company began getting skeptical that there would be any survivors. The company was experiencing many issues to keep family members of the victims reassured, calm, and understanding of the situation.   It was also important to keep the employees calm and reassured that the company was using all its resources for a successful rescue of the trapped miners. The Chilean Copper Company had developed an emergency protocol to communicate between employees, family members, and community members in a sensitive way according to Roger, E.M., & Steinfatt, T.M. (1999). This was vital to all the members so that they could receive accurate information on rescuing methods, family, employees’ conditions, and health information on...