Introduction to the Maintenance Manual of Slime Dryer

The coal slime dryer consists of heat source, break up device, belt conveyors, feeders, rotary drum, a belt feeder, induced draft fan, discharger and power cabinet composition. Coal slime dryer"s working principle as below. Because the coal slime with sticky, when it goes into colal slime dryer will pass the following working zone during drying process.As the winter and summer are two extreme climates, the maintenance of the dryer measuresare also very different. Henan Fote Machinery Co.,Ltd is a heavy industry of senior coal slime dryer manufacturers. Our factory has more than twenty years" rich experience of developing and producing coal slime dryer equipment and advanced manufacturing process technology of thecoal slime dryer. Production equipment of coal slime dryer has the features of wide using range and saving energy, creating higher interest for the user, and then Henan Fote will introduce the maintenance manual of slime dryer. First, before lighting the stove of slime dryer it should check the furnace, grating, feeding device, the combustion chamber, furnace slag in the pit, door, air ducts, regulator, blowers and dust, etc. Second, the working efficiency of coal slime dryer to a great extent is determined by the conditions of combustion chamber. Therefore, in the process of operating the coal slime dryer, it should pay special attention to the combustion chamber, blower and dust removal aspiration equipment. Third,t an hour before lit the stove slime dryer it should check all of subsidiary equipments, including each turning parts of the fly ash dryer and supporting parts, which should be tighten, normal, slippery, reliable. Fourth, the first step of coal slime dryer is starting the dryer motor and then starting the transportation equipment of wet materials. Next it starts the dry material transport equipment, which can form a continuous operation procedures.river sand rotary dryer: