Ethical Issue in Magagement

Running head: Ethical Issues in Management

Ethical Issues in Management
Latangela Alexander
University of Phoenix
          MGT 216
                              July 26, 2010
                                Selena Mason

Ethical issues in management start with business ethics. There are no clear morals to guide leaders through tough dilemmas about what is right or wrong. Hiring managers must abide by laws written to protect candidates. Managers have to put away biases sides and hire the right person with the right qualifications.
The hiring process is the first step in selecting human resource into an organization. Ethics play a major role during the hiring of employees. Ethics and ethical decisions are necessary to be a successful manager or supervisor. Hiring managers face moral and ethical issues, such as discrimination against race or age. If this issue arises, it can cost the company millions of dollars. An example of age discrimination is when a 50 year old male or female apply for a position and the hiring manager do not hire them because they feel a younger person can do the job better. A hiring manager may feel the applicant is not the right race for the company. That is an example of race discrimination. More companies administer a test before hiring an applicant to avoid lawsuits. If an issue occurs, they can take the test to court to back the discrimination charge. A hiring manager can work for a company that strongly believes in their religious background. An applicant that is a homosexual come and apply for the job and the hiring manager do not hire him or her because of their sexuality. It is no law that protects homosexuals of discrimination in the workplace.
The relationship between social issues and ethically responsible management practices relates to a hiring manager by hiring, evaluation, performance, discipline, and termination. Managers maybe involved in any circumstance that pertains to diversity and harassment....