Kinsey Movie

Kinsey realized he lived in a society that lacked sexual understanding.
• He met with his students after hours to offer them sexual advice.
His work as a sex professor was limited.
• He had a hard time providing data and statistics to his students regarding sex because there was a lack of information available.
His survey of his students led to a breakthrough in his understanding of sexual practices.
• He learned that there was a major difference of what people assumed other sexual practices are to what they really are.
One aspect of Kinsey's work that proved to be groundbreaking for its time was his use of a variety of themes regarding different people and ideas in a time that did not support this.
• He research included the sexuality of women.
• He tried to examine the extent of an individuals homosexual tendencies.
• The frequency of female reported orgasm.
Kinsey's work often surrounded topics that were unwelcome for his time.
• He surveyed the rate of masturbation amongst men and women.
Kinsey's work was not representative of the overall American society.
• His participants were white men and women.
• Most were educated middle class
Kinsey's work bought about an understanding of American sexuality.
• It proved that women do like sex in a time where the general idea was that women were not troubled by sex or sexual tendencies/fantasias.
In a time where homosexuality was starting to fuel debate among American society, Kinsey tried to measure the extent of an individual’s homosexuality.
• Asked his participants to rate themselves 1-6, 1 being strictly heterosexual and 6 being strictly homosexual
• Found men to usually be on the ends of the scale.
• Found women to be between 2-5
Kinsey's work was dealt with a number of problems
• The basis of his work was not viewed favorably by many.
• A restriction of funding resulted
• His research on woman resulted in much disapproval and eventually a cut of funding for his research.