Kff Information Systems

Kudler Fine Foods Information Systems
June 25, 2013
Anita Rodriguez

Kudler Fine Foods Information Systems

            Over fifteen years ago, Kathy Kudler created Kudler Fine Foods (KFF); a California-based upscale specialty food store that provides high quality gourmet foods and the essential tools for preparation.   Kudler Fine Foods customers are food connoisseurs and can choose from local favorites or products from around the world.   In 1998, Kudler Fine Foods introduced their European style bakeries, fresh meat and seafood prepared while you wait, fresh produce ranging from over 16 types of apples to the freshest herbs and spices available, a complete line of dairy products including a wide variety of cheeses and a collection of domestic and imported wine that is sure to please to the citizens of La Jolla, California. Kathy enjoyed quick success and added two additional locations in Del Mar and Encinitas, California (Internet, Kudler Fine Foods website).   With the advances in technology and the internet, a whole new market is available in today‚Äôs world with a few clicks of a button.   Kudler Fine Foods now has the option to maximize profits by reaching customers outside the local area.
      Kudler Fine Foods is a retail company and like all companies needs to operate as smooth and efficient as possible.   They must be able to track sales, inventory, and expenses, produce reliable and accurate reports for a given time frame whenever needed.   Additionally, current customer relationships have to be maintained as new ones are being developed.   Before Kudler Fine Foods can proceed with the adventure, there are areas of concern that need to be addressed.   To move forward, the needs of the company in regards to business operations and accounting need to be reviewed and the strengths and weaknesses of the systems currently in place must be considered. Last, based on the current technological opportunities, we will provide suggestions to further...