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Key Skills Coursework

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Buying a new Car

After your exploits in the test last week you now have an experience of what the EXAM of Key Skills involves.   But, you also have to put together a portfolio / coursework of evidence to show that you meet the criteria that the exam board have put forward.

Throughout the lessons, you will learn skills that you can use in your coursework including:

        - Basic Formula in Excel
        - Sorting, Filtering
        - How to present in a consistent way
        - Advanced searching on the internet
        - The benefits and limitations of ICT
        - Short introduction to Access

You will all, at some time in the future look to buying a car.   However, as some of you are finding out, the costs that are involved in running the vehicle are often a great deal higher than you might expect.

In this coursework, you will be investigating and charting the costs of running five cars of your choice to help in deciding which one to go for.
Task 1

A front page with your name, school, candidate and centre number and a rough date, eg Jan ’07 to Jun ‘07.

Task 2

Create a poster that highlights the dangers involved in using ICT.   What are the health dangers?   What are the social dangers?   You must use the internet (for pictures) and a publishing program for producing the document – either Publisher or PowerPoint.

Task 3

Write a paragraph outlining why you are going to investigate the costs of owning a car.

Create a bulleted list that includes the information that you will need to collect. (For example, Car Price, Petrol Price, Insurance etc. etc.)

Create a second bulleted list that includes initial ideas of where you might get the information from.   (For example: the internet, a local paper, a specialist paper?)

Task 4

What limitations are you going to face when collecting the information and how you might go...