Identify Key Aspects of Current Legislative Requirements and Code of Practice Within My Specialist Area.

Explain own role, responsibilities and boundaries of own role as a teacher.

As a Teacher/Assessor, teaching in the lifelong learning sector, my roles, responsibilities and boundaries are qualities I often assess and reflect on using the teaching/training cycle.
Firstly, my main responsibility is to identify the learner’s training needs, learning styles and what motivates them to learn.   At my workplace, I conduct interviews/inductions with the learners using various assessment methods such as Initial Key Skill Assessment in Basic Literacy/Numeracy, Diagnostic Testing, and Individual Learning Plans. This initial assessment enables me to acquire vital information about the learners such as their ages, cultural differences, abilities, aspirations/motivation and learning styles. There are many theories associated with how learners learn.

Honey and Mumford (1986) suggests that people learn well either by doing something (activist), by thinking back on something (reflector), by investigating ideas and concepts (theorist) or by finding relevance or association (pragmatist). The most simple to understand theory is the VAK Analysis, which suggests that people learn using their visual senses (sight), auditory senses (hearing) and kinaesthetic senses (doing). Individual learners will exude different learning styles and it is my responsibility to provide a mixture of these learning experiences as part of my planning/teaching strategy, thereby meeting individual needs and stimulating greater learning.

My role as a planner enables me to design and plan the course programme on my specialist field (i.e. childcare and early years). Most Awarding bodies have given boundaries to which the courses should be outlined, thereby limiting my input to mainly planning the course timetable (i.e. showing what units to cover and how long the course will run for) and also to plan and prepare lesson sessions for each unit within the courses programme.

My role as a resource...