Kenworth Hotels

Kenworth Hotels




        – Terms of Reference ---------------------------------------------------3

        – Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------3

        – Part (i)-------------------------------------------------------------------4

              • Requirements for CSR, codes of conduct and ILO

        – Part (ii) ------------------------------------------------------------------6

              • Considerations with regard to strategy, structure and HR policy

        – Part (iii) -----------------------------------------------------------------9

              • Overview of strategic process

              • Recruitment and selection

              • Training and development

              • Pay and reward

        – Summary -------------------------------------------------------------14

        – Conclusion -----------------------------------------------------------14

        – References ------------------------------------------------------------16

        – Appendices -----------------------------------------------------------18

      Terms of References

      This report will mainly delve on a number of issues regarding the internationalization of Kenworth Hotels in Spain. Moreover, it will encompass an appropriate recruitment and selection, training and development, and rewards strategy for the role of Hotel Manager upon his/her employment at the new hotel in Southern Spain.


      Hotel industry is the perfect sector to study when it comes to internationalization of organizations, which were previously carrying out their business operations on a lower level. Hospitality industry is on a global platform, which is often coupled with robust internationalization of the chains....