Evaluate What Determines the International Success of Hotel Companies and Recommend, with Justification, Which Hotel Company Is the Most Successful in Managing Internationally

Evaluate what determines the international success of hotel companies and recommend, with justification, which hotel company is (or is likely to be) most successful in managing internationally.

According to the press release of Reuters (David, 2009), the latest financial crisis which took place in 2007, is considered by many economists to be the worst financial crisis since 1930s. Due to its characteristic of global impact, almost all of the businesses in the world had suffered serious lost or even the bankruptcy as the worst. Inevitably, the hotel industry has suffered varying degrees of lost on profitability during this difficult time. However, it is unfair to ignore the effort that hotels have been put into the business for so long in which could not be blame because of the unavoidable global economic crisis. Therefore, refer to the topic, it is the goal of this essay to evaluate what determines the international success of hotels and in addition, recommend which hotel is the most successful in managing internationally. In terms of hotel managing, especially those managing internationally, there are dozens of relevant literatures which have discussed many different issues in subjects of international hotel managing. It is necessary to carry out analytical reviews of these literatures in order to truly understand the theories and facts which could also be identify in the hotels’ managing operations.

Altinay, L. (2007). The internationalization of hospitality firms: factors influencing a franchise decision-making process, Journal of Services Marketing, 21(6), 398-409.

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the factors which have influenced a multinational hospitality organization's franchise decision-making process. It used a case study of an international hotel firm to access the topic. Interviews and document analysis were used as data collection techniques. Its findings suggested that the two important contextual variables which have a bearing on the...