What Management Is

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Assignment 1
What Management is, what Managers do and what skills Managers need |

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Table of Contents

Introduction 2
What management is 2
What managers do 2
What managers need 3
Conclusion 4
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The aim of this essay is to describe what management is in order to understand the importance it covers nowadays within organizations. Then it analyses the managers’ role, what they do and what skills they need to be effective. In fact in recent years, characterized by a deep depression and a global financial crisis covering most all industry sectors, management is assuming a relevant position and managers have to consider lots of variables that can affect their decision and outcomes.

What management is

Many theories about management take their origin from the contribution of military strategy and history, in particular The art of war, written in the 6th century BC by Sun Tzu. It has been represented a milestone and a training guide on how to design a strategy involving all aspects that have to be considered like organizational structure and strategic alliances. But the word management assumes relevance during the 20th century and many authors (Mintzberg 1990; Fayol 1916; Drucker 1970), over the years tried to give a definition of what it is, however each given definition has a point in common with others which is related to the transformation process involving people. The responsibility of managers is to pursue two objective those help the organization to succeed: efficiency and effectiveness. The first one is related to the transformation process so the quantity of output, in terms of goods and services, that can be...