Introduction to Management

It cannot be denied that a manager needs certain skills to manage a company and lead a group of people.   According to Robert L. Katz, a manger basically needs three crucial skills to manage a company. The three managerial skills that must be cultivated and enhanced by managers are technical, human, and conceptual.
Technical skills imply a proficiency in a specific field of knowledge in performing work tasks. Technical skills are basically obtained from education or through the training programmes that held by a company. Technical skills tends to be more important in first-line managers because they need to have basic knowledge about product and services which produced by the non- managerial employees who managed by them. Apart from that, most of the people get their first job based on technical skills. These jobs include hair dresser, engineer and accountant, just to name a few.  
Conceptual skills are needed by top level managers. Conceptual skills can be defined as the ability to see the company as a whole and conceptualize about complex and abstract situations. Conceptual skills allow the managers to think creatively, analyzing complex situations and solving problems. People with conceptual skills are often identified as effective leader. This is due to their ability to think out of the box to develop creative strategies.
Human skills which mean the ability to work with other people in the organization are needed by all levels of managers. This is because all managers need to deal with people. A manager with good human skills will create a workplace which all employees will have a positive attitude towards their works. Besides, managers that know how to motivate the employees will greatly increase the company’s productivity.