How Kaizen influences the business

1   Introduction
When the Japanese book was published, in this book, Jin came up with the ‘Kaizen’ thought(Imai, 1989). ‘Kaizen’ is a Japanese term,which means continuous improvement. It has been highly used successfully in some firms all over the world. It implies improvement covering every single person--both top leaders and workers. The base of ‘Kaizen’ is using the low costs method, which is also called low-risk approach. There are 5 systems in the Kaizen. And it also has an 8-steps story . The ‘Kaizen’ concept has big and obvious contributions to many corporations in the world. ‘Kaizen’ process is subtle, but it really brings out the dramatic gain as time going by.
This essay is going to introduce some knowledge about Kaizen, and analyse how company successfully used Kaizen. However, at a current business situation, many companies would like to imitate Japanese management practices. But , the result is unsatisfying. Even though ‘Kaizen’ is the key point to the company’s competitive success, there are still some difficulties or challenges of presidents carry out the Kaizen. (169)
2   what is the Kaizen.
2.1   The characteristics of ‘Kaizen’
It is a term from Japan ,which means continuous improvement. It can cover everyone in the factories or companies,every section. From the highest branches to the every worker. The purpose of ‘Kaizen’ is to increase quality and reduce waste during the manufacture.The companies which use the ‘Kaizen’ thought have these traits. The first one is that the improvement is continuous and develops without stopping, but it is not distinct. The second one is that the improvement must relate every small section and worker. The third one is that collection and team spirit(including fighting for one goal) have been emphasized. The last one is that the goal of the ‘Kaizen’ is using the smaller investment to receive the bigger gain.
2.2   five crucial sections in ‘Kaizen’.
Total quality control/total...