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Summary of the article
    The organization being chosen to carry out such change management process analysis is the upstream and downstream businesses, ranging from quarry operations and cement production to ready-mixed concrete products and pre-cast concrete. Thus, change process will be carried out once the strategic planning was properly done to improve the organization effectiveness. For instance, almost every organization has to adjust into a multicultural environment to resolve problem of┬áchanging nature of the workforce. Human resource policies and practices have to change in order to attract and keep this more diverse workforce (Stephen 2001). Organization need to have a clear emphasis on internal and external change driver and other essential factors to enable the organization obtain the factual information that will be give a better understanding on what organization state needed for change and the application of the suitable management model as well as concepts per se.
    This article utilized Tasek Corp previous business and the future plan to emphasis on the downstream business that allow them to provide an outlet for the cement the company produces, leading better price control. Teo Tong Kooi, CEO of the HLA Ltd, which owns 72.6% of Tasek Corp, believes the company should evolve into an integrated cement player in both downstream and upstream business and he uses Singapore-listed HLA as an example to prove that his idea is workable. He believes that the trend of cement producers also own downstream businesses will emerge in Malaysia soon. The Tasek Corporation actually started their concrete business 5 years ago and it has a great return. And now Tasek Corporation wants to start the pre-fabrication business which stops 2 years ago due to the financial crisis. With the well plan of the project, Teo very confident about the move as the parent company HLA is well established in...