Team D - Riordan

Assignment 4:   Production Plan for Riordan Manufacturing

Learning Team D:

University of Phoenix

Team D..This assignment is best prepared if the team follows the outline of the components of a supply chain which the class has reached a consensus on the five pieces of Plan, Procure, Produce, Deliver, and Make sure the customer is satisfied. While the team has spent a great deal of effort on discussing the academic concepts behind the issues in the simulation it appears that the team did not understand that that only focus of this assignment is the fan manufacturing facility in China, and might not have found the summary provided for you at the end of this submission or did not appreciate the importance of all the operating issues and challenges discussed in the case.

The assignment clearly states: In this team paper you are to identify the challenges, problems, inefficiencies, and down right bad practices, that are occurring anywhere in the Roirdan China operation, and its interfaces with the home office.  In Wk 6 your individual assignment is to develop process improvement plans for the Roirdan China operation.  The issues that you discover and discuss in this paper will from the foundation for your week 6 individual papers. Please see the several comments below that identify undocumented, and erroneous statements in this submission.   The team has identified some but not all of the other day-to-day operating challenges in the simulation.

An excellent summary of the existing situation at the China operation is provided in the case and is copied at the end of this submission.

There are clear-cut problems with the method of forecasting sales and handling custom orders; there are issues with poor supplier performance; with methods of distribution, plant location; with the recoding and distribution of supply chain and financial information; and a potential logistics driven plant relocation.   It is not until these problems and challenges have been...