K101 Tma05

Drawing on your experience from the project and the discussions within your team, discuss the wider implications of the rapid growth of care-related information on the web.
Following completing the K101 Project I have concluded that it is easy to find information on care-related topics online, but this information isn’t always useful and reliable.
The information that we found on the internet was quite often more related to health instead of actual care of the illness. There was lots if information available about different illnesses, the causes, medications available and a few about the preventions, but sometimes this information was complicated and confusing by the way it is put across; some websites use professional terms and jargon that service users and their families may not understand.
There is so much different information available from so many different websites that it can empower service user. During the project we accessed so much different information about a number of different illnesses and my knowledge on these illnesses gave grown massively. The websites that we accessed were particular helpful and informative. In particular I found the website that I searched about cancer ‘American Cancer Society’ was extremely helpful and useful and allowed me to expand my knowledge of cancer. I found this information to be very useful and allowed me to advise my family and friends on certain things about the illness that I was no aware of.
A problem I did find when looking for online care information is that there is a lot of information about international and national support groups but found it very difficult to find local support groups which I found to be quite strange as I thought that if there are support available for certain types of illnesses in my locality then people should be able to find out about they and the internet is a great way to advertise these resources.
It is very easy to access online care-related information and this...