K101 Tma05

Gemma Channell – PI; c654238

TMA 05

Focusing on the social model of disability, discuss the ways in which the physical environment can make a difference to the lives of people who have care needs and those who support them.

Within my assignment I will demonstrate the different environments for people living with a disability and how these environments are promoting or stopping peoples independence.

Environment is a place where people live and do their daily tasks. This could be their home, work, shops, but also places such as, hospitals, day care nurseries etc. It is a place which should enable people to make choices and live as independent as possible. The physical environment   can encourage and support independence while promoting safety. A positive environment has recognisable dining, activities, toileting areas as well as cues to help residents find their way around the residence. ( alz.org )
The environment should feel comfortable and familiar, as a home would, rather than a hospital.

A suitable environment   empowers people to take control over their life and enables them to live a meaningful life.
‘An enabling environment is one that facilitates key aspects of everyday living, allowing people to make choices. A disabling environment on the other hand, is one that prevents people from controlling their situation’ ( open university, 2008, p11 )

If an environment is stopping someone to make choices and to carry out daily tasks, it can affect their health and wellbeing in many ways, as the feeling of inability and dependence is very frustrating. A disabling environment can often   be a barrier to independence as it stops people carrying on with their daily life.

A persons home may sometimes become a place where care happens, this could be when a person has a chronic condition and wishes to stay in their home if the environment is suitable. An enabling home environment helps to give people a sense of control over their life, although the...