Juvenile Delinquency

According to our text and my general observations throughout my lifetime I feel that girls are slightly delinquent for different reasons then boys.   I feel that since females go through puberty at a much earlier stage in life than boys do.   Females might be more enticed to hang around older boys who may already be participating in delinquent activities such as drugs or even gangs.   Girls are naturally more emotional than males are.   I feel that if they go through a traumatic event, it may lead them to participate in delinquent activity to deal with their emotions.   If females come from homes which they are being abused, especially sexually, they may in turn also participate in delinquent behaviors as well.  
I feel though that in general both boys and girls do have similarities in which they are delinquent.   Some of the similarities that they have are lack of supervision at home.   Their parents might be working and they do whatever they want.   There may also be family violence in which both male and females may participate in or feel compelled to be involved with the violence as well.   Lastly, school influences the reasons why females and males are both delinquent.   They may have peers that pressure them into doing things the society frowns upon.   .

Essay 5
Considering recent changes in American culture, how would critical theorists explain the increase in the juvenile gang population?
Considering recent changed in American culture, I feel a critical theorist would explain an increase in juvenile gang population due to the country’s economic status.   I feel that the economy greatly impacts our American culture.   People involved in gangs join to escape home life, to feel a sense of brotherhood or sisterhood, to fit in and also because they may feel that their gang members may be able to provide for them.   Our society is impacted by the “strain theory” that is discussed in my Criminology class with Professor Kramer.   The strain theory basically states that...