Julius Caesar Essay

ENGLISH ESSAY – Julius Caesar
Passionate convictions and articulating views are represented in texts, which contribute to the manipulation of our views. These elements are evident in Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar,’ ABC News’ article, ‘Bill Henson’s case’ and Kev Carmondy’s song ‘This Land is Mine/This Land is Me.’ The primary stimulus, ‘Julius Caesar’ shows how an individual’s perspective can be defined as a way of seeing or interpreting a situation or set of facts based on a certain level of judgment, whilst Carmondy and ABC New’s text help supplement and reinforce the differing perspectives.

In Shakespeare’s ’Julius Caesar,’ what characters say and think about each other, has a significant impact on the ways in which they themselves, are represented.   Their passionate behaviour is shown through their speeches and outspoken impression on other personas, resulting in an ambiguous identity of the characters. The viewer relies heavily on the speech and dialogue of characters and through them, the descriptive traits of personas, given by other characters, is greatly crucial.  
By using a series of literary devices, Shakespeare represents Caesar as a deeply flawed character who can be pretentious, arrogant and egotistical. Cassius portrays him as a tyrant, referring to him as one who acts “like a colossus”, whilst Brutus prioritizes his idealistic ideology before his friend. Weakness is combined with virtue, within Caesar which gives him greater realism in his individuality and a obscure character.
Brutus presents his argument in intellectual terms, methodically outlining what he sees as the undeniable need for Caesar's death. His reasons in the end were aimed at the heads and mentality of the people but as such, not being a man of the people, he fails to connect with his audience; unable to empathise the situation through their perspective. Through an orthodox approach, Brutus symmetrically and logically structures his speech with balanced sentences and...