Julius Caesar

History Fair Project
Why Was Julius Caesar A Great Hero?
By: Czarina Deguzman

Julius Caesar was known as one of the greatest generals in history. One of his achievements consisted of never having to lose a battle. He was also a clever politician and was very popular in Rome. His popularity later helped him become a powerful dictator. He used his power to help Rome reform, to relieve debt, and enlarge the senate.
Julius Caesar was born on July 12, 100 BC and died on March 15, 44 BC in Rome, Italy. He was considered as one of the most cultured and literate Romans, in Rome. As he grew older, he became a general in many upcoming battles.
Julius Caesar was one of history's most brilliant generals. He made his mark by conquering Gaul, during the Gallic Wars against Gallic tribes, from 58 BC till 51 BC. He then proceeded to win a major civil war against the Roman general and former alliance, Pompey.
Caesar wanted to have more power. He realized that in order to have it, he needed to bypass the senate. To do this, he needed allies. This alliance consisted of Pompey, who had the wealth and the military power, Crassus, who also had the wealth and some important political connections, and of course, Caesar, who had the brains and the skills. This political alliance, became known as the First Triumvirate.
Eventually, the Triumvirate weakened, especially with Crassus’s death. Soon after, Pompey and the senate turned against Julius. In 40 BC, Caesar defeated Pompey at Pharsalus in Greece. After the defeat, Pompey was assassinated. When Caesar returned to Rome in 46 BC, he became appointed as dictator for ten years, then two years later, he was appointed as dictator for life.
Before Caesar’s reign of power, a political crisis was developing in Rome. For example, they could not control the armies nor the generals. Julius Caesar saw this as an opportunity to use the problems and dilemmas to create his own supreme political and military power. He was able to...