Julius Caesar and Brutus Comparison

Sarah Marti Marti 1

Mr. Salmon

Literature 10

15 April 2011

Brutus and Julius Caesar

In the “Tragedy of Julius Caesar,” two remarkable leaders are shown. Julius Caesar and Brutus are the two main characters in this play. Their characteristics are really different because of the way they both use their power to rule Rome, even though Brutus didn’t rule it, he had a lot of power over the Romans.
Julius Caesar is a very important character in the story. He was he emperor of Rome, but he was considered a tyrant. Also, he was a very proud guy; he didn’t forgive and abused all the power he had. The conspirators killed him, but before that they decided to put him on a test to see if he could forgive somebody, but he didn’t. So they decided to kill him for good and free Rome from the tyranny. They killed him at the Capitol because it was a symbolic place for them. Not only bad things were said when people described Julius Caesar, he had good military and political skills and he gave really good and persuading speeches.
Brutus is the other main character in the story that takes the leadership after Julius Caesar dies. He was part of the conspirators who killed JC. By this action he might be considered to be a traitor, but when he explains why he did it, it changes peoples minds. He loved Rome and wanted all Romans to be free of JC’s tyranny. Brutus was described as a good leader not only because he cared about Rome, but
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also because he listened to others and forgave them if necessary, and he was a good soldier. He was a person that didn’t like to show his feelings because he felt that he had to be a good example for the Romans.
These two characters have good and bad qualities for being leaders that show how different they and their points of view are about political issues in Rome. Brutus showed throughout the play that he cares about Rome and that he wanted TC to be dead to end with the tyranny he was creating. Even though...