Journey Into the Islam

A look at Islam through the work of Akbar Ahmed

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Published by Brookings Institution Press “Why?” Years after September 11 we are still looking for answers. Akbar Ahmed, the internationally renowned Islamic scholar, knew that the question could not be answered until Islam and the West move past the hatred and mistrust escalated by globalization and the war on terror. Seeking to establish dialogue and understanding between these cultures, Ahmed led a team of dedicated young Americans on a daring, unprecedented tour of the Muslim world. Journey into Islam: The Crisis of Globalization is the riveting story of their search for common ground. Ahmed, rejecting From the mosques of Damascus to the madrassahs of Karachi and to the malls of Jakarta, Ahmed and his stereotypes and companions set out to listen to the fears, hopes, and beliefs of everyday Muslims. Here, they give voice to students, conventional thinking professors, sheikhs, presidents and prime ministers, even to cab drivers—and how they really view America, its policies about Islam and and globalization. Ahmed and his team returned from their groundbreaking journey through nine Muslim countries globalization, offers with both cause for concern and occasion for hope. As Western leaders wage a war on terrorism, Ahmed, a new framework for rejecting stereotypes and conventional thinking about Islam and globalization, offers a new framework for understanding the understanding the Muslim world and makes suggestions on how the United States can improve relations with Muslim world... this vitally important region. Written with equal parts compassion and urgency, this book makes a powerful plea for forming bonds across religion, race and tradition to create lasting harmony between Islam and the West. Journey into Islam is essential reading for anyone concerned with the future survival of the United States...