Pillars of Islam

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Pillars of Islam
Joseph M. McGlaughlin
Axia College University of Phoenix

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The five pillars of Islam are really requirements put out that Muslims must follow.
The Creed or the (Kalima)
Allah is God there is no other God.
This is something that Muslims recite once daily every day.
2. Daily Prayer or the (Salat)
the believers pray five times a day. They ritualistically wash themselves, then face toward Mecca, and say prayers they learned as a child. Two prayers offered in the morning, then four in the afternoon, and three at sunset.   When a Muslim is finished with their prayers they then turn their head to each side and offer a blessing or saying of peace to one another and anybody else, that needs Gods guidance.
3. Almsgiving or the (Zakat)
Income is generally shared with the less fortunate in their communities. This reminds followers to always remember and help people not as fortunate as them, this is voluntary.  
4. Fasting or the (Sawm)
During Ramadan, nothing is allowed, food, drink, or medicine is not allowed to enter the body during the daylight hours. As the sun sets, it is time to celebrate with family and friends.
5. Pilgrimage or the (Hajj)
During a Muslims lifetime they are to visit Mecca at least once, in the month of pilgrimage. All
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during their lives, these followers have faced toward Mecca. By traveling to this place maybe for the only time in their lives is a very personal moment for these believers. As far as having to choose two Pillars that would be easy to do for me would be the “Creed” first, this requires me to recite a prayer once daily every day. Nothing too hard or challenging here. The second easy one would be “The daily prayer” again nothing hard or challenging with this one, pray to Allah a number of times a day and this is easy. Now talk about challenging, I think I would have to go with the fasting or the holiday known as Ramadan,...