Five Pillars of Islam

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Five Pillars of Islam
Charles M. Koiner
Axia College

      This paper will discuss the Five Pillars of Islam. I will explain what they are and how they are practiced. I will conclude with my beliefs as to where they are today in time.

Five Pillars of Islam
                                  Central Belief
The central belief of Islam is that there is only one God, the God of Abraham or as they call God, Allah. Islam is a monotheistic religion, belief in a single deity. All Muslims must acknowledge there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet. This is the first of the five pillars, known as Shahadah or Witnessing. This has always been the core belief and remains that way today.
  The next core belief of Islam is daily prayer or Salat to Islam. This is also the second of the five pillars and must be practiced daily. There are five prayers that must be said daily:
  * Fajr – Before sunrise.
  * Zuhr – After the sun has reached its zenith.
  * Asr – Mid – afternoon.
  * Magrib – Just after sunset.
  * Isha – Night.          
There are several other prayers that are expected to be said during the week; however these are the daily prayers. These prayers are mandatory and every Muslim should say them.

          Charity or Zakah as it is called in Islam is the third of the five pillars. Every Muslim is expected to pay a tax to the government. This is also seen as giving donations to the poor, new Muslim converts, Muslim prisoners of war, and Muslims in debt are a few they should give to. The money to the tax is mandatory and the rest is expected of those who can give. This belief should be practiced even more today than in times of past as so many are now political prisoners.