Jollan Smith

Case Study

At my youth club recently I have noticed that one of the young people cannot read and stumbles over his words and when he speaks, other young people laugh. This is a hard place to be for the young lad and it upsets him especially as he is trying his best and only seems to feel ashamed. I would encourage him to keep strong and carry on doing his best and point out that he is doing nothing wrong. The right approach in my eyes to make everyone more aware that this is not ok would be to introduce it into a talk. I would bring it to the group generally and insure that I outline the core value of Encarnation where we do what Jesus did and not just teaching it. I would highlight how important it is to respect one another as Jesus respects us and try my best to demonstrate it around the young people.  
    Working with a youth work principle such as participation I would try to incorporate the “harts ladder” theory that helps young people to develop respect and self-confidence through activities that will motivate encouragement, communication and teamwork without making anyone feel inadequate. Giving opportunities for individuals to learn and grow for themselves is so important for building each persons determination and growth of support in friendships making everyone feel values and listened to.

Diversity and equality in the Christian youth club environment is a blessing because they can work together so well. The diversity of people that come is striking, the overall difference between age and background creates an interesting learning environment. For example two more mature Christians are a few years younger than me but they are really well developed in their faith. Whereas two new additions have a narrow concept of God but they all get along really well. By encouraging these guys to merge together helps them all grow because they give each other different things to work on.   The behaviour of the new guys is a good thing that the...