Jasper Jones

Chapter 1
• Setting the scene – Jasper taking Charlie to his special place in the bush
• Discovery of the body
• Charlie reaction and thoughts

Chapter 2
• Morning after
• Going to the nets with Jeffrey (bullying by cricket team and coach)
• Eliza Wishart

Chapter 3
• Next day Parents’ reaction to the news of Laura’s disappearance
• Charlie at the library
• Mother’s reaction to Charlie disobeying the instruction to stay in the street

Chapter 4
• Jeffrey and Charlie playing cricket in the street – search planes arriving
• Jeffrey’s news regarding his family in Vietnam – Uncle and Aunt killed
• The news on TV that night was about Laura’s disappearance - nothing about Vietnam
• Charlie tries to understand and make sense of the war and the world

Chapter 5
• Meeting at the Miner’s Hall- Mrs Lu attacked because of the war –nobody came to her assistance
• People were talking about Jasper – Charlie felt perhaps they had done the wrong thing for the right reason.
• Jasper comes to see Charlie
• They went to the ‘special spot’ in the bush and Jasper tells Charlie how he was locked up by the police and Laura’s father was there.
• Jasper wants to talk with Mad Jack Lionel
• Talk about life and beliefs and Jasper’s dad
• They find ‘sorry’ scratched into the base of the tree
• The police are waiting at Charlie’s house on his return

Chapter 6
• Charlie grounded for a couple of weeks but is allowed out for the Cricket match where Jeffrey has been named twelfth man.
• Charlie had made up a story for the police and was surprised that they believed him
• Ruth blamed Wesley and Corrigan for Charlie having been out at night without their knowledge
• Jeffrey officially in the team as one of the players was rushed to hospital with appendicitis
• Charlie and Eliza sat together during the second half of the match. They held hands and hugged when Jeffrey hit the winning runs.
• Charlie and Eliza talk about her family and she says that she...