Jasmine's Essays

Since I was young I had this idea of how i wanted to live my life, like most people do.   I decided I would go to highschool, get good grades, go off to school, get a degree, get a great job, get married, and have kids and live life happily ever after. I guess GOD had his own plans for me because nothing went the way I planned . No matter how hard i tryed to get things to go my way there were always bumps in the road blockin me to from gettin to all my goals. It was like a slap in the face but i guess you can say my life changed for the better.
I went to King/Drew medical magent no matter how hard i tryed i just couldnt get thinsg to go the way i wanted them to go. My mom sent me hear because she sayed it was a great school it would get me to any school in the country it just didnt click for me. The teachers taught poorly, the students were rowdy loud and ghetto, I was gettin good grades because I was doin my work but i wasnt learning anything   the school didnt have any active sports so highschool wasnt thrilling to me or what I expected it to be . I spent my ninth and tenh grade year here. I soon transfered to Carson high school and it was a whole new world to me its was very diverse   and i like the fact that I had the freedom to dress how i wanted. I had football games  
This is where I met my soon to be favorite teacher and mentor Mr. Clay. He was a black round man, who had glasses and had a firm grin on his face everytime he looked up. He was a transfer from Locke High School so we figured his class would be easy, and we'd be able to run over him like a doormat.   The first day he came to our class his eyes scanned the room he asked for us individually to bring up our grades from our other classes, he took a look at my report card i had from King/Drew and asked '' Are these areacceptable grades to you? because C's are like F's in my eyes, what college do you plan on attending?."   I glared at him and was upset , who this man think we wa telling me about...