Jacob Black

Interview with Jacob Black
1.Q: Why were you trying to distance yourself from Bella at the beginning of the book?
A: Well I knew that she was going to choose Edward over me. I knew she was in love with him and she would do anything for him. She had told me before that she wanted to be with him “forever” as in like forever. That totally gave me the clue that Edward had probably told her that he would switch her into vampire. Vampires and wolfs don’t get along so I knew it was probably for the best if I started staying away from Bella before the transformation. I didn’t want to get close to her and then lose her.
2. Q: If you wanted to distance yourself from Bella then why did you freak out when you find out that she was being transformed into a vampire after graduation?
A: Well after we started hanging out again, I started getting closer to her. I just didn’t want to lose her again. I just couldn’t stand being away from her again. If she got turned into a vampire I would lose her and never get her back.
3. Q: How did you feel when you overheard Bella and Edward’s conversation about their wedding?
A: I just wanted to die. I couldn’t live without Bella and let her get married to someone who was going to change her to a vampire. My love for her was never going to stop. I couldn’t give her away and never get her love back from her.
4. Q: Why do you think your better for Bella then Edward is for her?
A: It would be easy as breathing. She wouldn’t have to change herself for be. She could still stay human. Even Edward agrees with me because I’m strong and I can protect from danger. Even though Edward loves Bella he knows I am the better choice for her.
5. Q: Do you think that your kiss with Bella before the fight changed your relationship with her?
A: This kiss was different from all our kisses. She was actually kissing me back. At first I was surprised. She finally realized that she loved me as well. I could feel it from the way she was holding me. It really...